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What would you do? Would you drop everything and take a chance?
Life presents to Kristy a fabulous once in a lifetime opportunity to work in the Bahamas. If she decides to go for it, will it meet, exceed, or fall short of her expectations?

Sexy, handsome Dave is wary and jaded about women. He likes his life in the beautiful Bahamas where his romantic encounters are fast and fleeting. Gorgeous Kristy catches his eye but refuses to play by those rules. In fact she has studiously avoided men like him! David is intrigued by her resistance and so relentless in his pursuit, that much to her astonishment, Kristy finds herself agreeing to go out with him.

They end up having a sensational first date, but then it all turns to shambles. Could it be that David isn’t everything he appears to be? Could it be that Kristy isn’t everything David assumes her to be? Read Wrapped in a Rainbow to find out!

Brimming with luscious descriptions of Nassau and Paradise Island Wrapped in a Rainbow (Published by Club Lighthouse Publishing) is only $3.19 in Amazon’s Kindle store and is also available in paperback!


(5 Five star reviews)

Kori A. Gaff

This review is from: Wrapped in a Rainbow (Paperback)
Wrapped in a Rainbow is great summer reading/beach book. I think at some point everyone has felt the way Kristy feels at the beginning of the book. You go through her range of emotions with her. Though there are a couple of different times where Kristy reacted much differently (and better) than I would have. Delyse describes the places in the book with such detail that you almost feel like your right there on the beaches of Bahama's too. I also really loved that there wasn't a what happened next when the story was over. I really hate being left hanging when a book ends and it isn't part of a series, this book ties up the loose ends. If your looking for a light, fun read then Wrapped in a Rainbow is the book for you.

Book Lover
Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Wrapped In A Rainbow (Kindle Edition)
This story starts out in the beautiful city of Montreal,Quebec and then moves on to the incredible Caribbean. The main character Kristy is lovely but unaffected, likeable, and easy to identify with. David is not only good-looking but also possesses good character traits.I always enjoy a story where the two main characters don't fall in love with each other immediately and this one delivers just that. There are plenty of misconceptions and obstacles in their path to love.
We get to have a glimpse of what it's like in the Bahamas.The descriptions of scenery are vivid and the food sounds so delicious you could almost taste it!
This book is a light-hearted enjoyable read for anyone


Author Delyse Rodrigues-Trink currently lives with her family in Ontario, Canada. She has been writing since her high school days where she enjoyed twisting the suggested titles for compositions by teachers into something unexpected. She admits to being a bookworm, and in the summer she can’t wait to finish work and chores so that she can daydream and relax with a cool drink and a good book on the back deck. Her favourite genre to read is romance and she has always wanted to write one of her own. Wrapped in a Rainbow is that accomplishment. She is currently working on a mystery novel and also has plans to write a romantic suspense novel.


Delyse will be giving away three (3) copies in e-book format of her novel Wrapped in a Rainbow. The winners will be randomly selected from all entries.

The contest is open for one week (June 29th, to July 6th, 2010)

To enter you must send an email to
and answer the following question:

What is the name of the female friend that Kristy goes to the Bahamas with?

Hint-check the free sample at:

Good luck to all who enter and if you don't win it's still a great buy!

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